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What is Sankofa?

A symbol of understanding the past to plan for the future. (literal meaning: go back to fetch it)

Sankofa is part of traditional Akan wisdom and represents a cultural link between the living and the dead, the past and present and the present linked to the future. A bird looking backward so that its beak points to his tail represents Sankofa.


Why Donate?


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Why Donate?

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While the benefits of donating to established non-profits may be obvious, consider the importance of giving to lesser-known non-profit origination like ours. What this means is we qualify as a non-profit organization under the Federal 501(c)3 category and, as such, donations made to our organization are fully tax-deductible.

The future of goals to restore and preserve the resting places of our ancestors depend of donations from the public, and nowhere would your donation be more lasting than in this effort.

Donations can be made in one of two ways:

The most direct method is to make a secure, on-line donation with a credit card. If you aren't comfortable with this idea, you can also donate by mail.

To donate by mail, send your check payable to Red River Sankofa Historical Society and mail to the following address:

Red River Sankofa Historical Society
C/O George A. Allen
3323 Candleway Drive
Spring, TX 77388-5223

Donations in any amount will ensure continued life for Red River Sankofa Historical Society.

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"Show me the resting places of your ancestors and I will show you the character of a man" -author unknown


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