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About us

Our primary mission 

Red River Sankofa Historical Society seeks to enhance and promote awareness of the accomplishments and contributions of people of African descent as organic and essential components of larger communities within Northwest Louisiana & Northeast Texas. Red River Sankofa Historical Society will emphasize contributions to the cultural and historical landscape in this region by promoting scholarly research, providing resources for historical and genealogical studies, creating networks of individuals with similar interests, preserving African American burial grounds and assisting communities in these areas with documenting their histories.

Red River Sankofa Historical Society will basically function as a non-profit historical data repository gathering and disseminating information related to Northwest Louisiana, organize cemetery restoration projects, raise funds, and coordinate with other organization with similar goals.

We want to increase the awareness and historic value of these resting grounds and the historical context attached to them as a source of community pride.  The goal is to encourage groups and individuals to help preserve these places as landmarks for future generations to appreciate.

Our objectives:

  • Surveying, Photographing and Documenting Monuments
  • Documenting Accurate Cemetery Histories
  • Monument and Environmental Preservation
  • Public Awareness and appreciation
  • Deterring Cemetery Theft and Vandalism
  • Educational Tours and Publications
  • Expanding our internet presence
  • Fundraising and grant applications
  • Building membership

Repair critical broken monuments, mausoleums, or walls  
Resetting or repinning critical fallen grave markers  
Refilling sink holes, depressions, eroded areas, and improving drainage  
Labeling and removal of broken markers for later repairs 
Securing fencing, gates, steps  
Purchasing of reinforcement tools and equipment Installation of signage, physical cemetery inventory and interpretation data 
Removal of weeds, ivy, volunteer trees, fallen trees  
Repairing primary and secondary roads and paths for access 
Pruning of overgrown bushes, plants 
Preservation of historic trees 
Cyclical tree pruning 
Lawn and planting rehabilitation 
Installation of lighting to help thwart vandalism 
Removal of litter, debris, graffiti 
Purchasing of soil 
Continue to improve cemetery listings, maps &  web site 

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